Emilio Jose Dominguez Calvo Art

Characters for AAA, low poly and realtime

These are an example of diverse characters done on different setups. From hi quality render characters to low poly single texture. All of them feature hand painted and baked textures by me.

Sodapop Miniatures and Relic Knights

These are my lastest additions! Sexy anime style and cartoony characters. I'll add more soon, 28mm scale miniatures done for Sodapop Miniatures. Some of them polypainted just for fun.

Miniatures done for Heroquest 25th anniversary.

Here are a few examples of work done for a fantasy 28mm scale miniature game, there are still a few incoming! These were done in Zbrush and were 3d printed an resin casted. There are some props and some characters as well. All with a realistic look.