Camille Toussaint - stills
Emilio j dominguez calvo screenshot035


Emilio j dominguez calvo camille final

turntable render

Emilio j dominguez calvo screenshot012

another style older variant

Emilio j dominguez calvo untitled 71

Render preview from Hi poly

Emilio j dominguez calvo camille faceconcept

face & hair concept

Camille Toussaint - stills

Personal project, done in my spare time :)
I had something like a scary old school adventure flying around my head so this is the result. Next up, skeleton and unreal shader setup. Hair making took me a while as my tablet died in the process. Some optimization yet to be done but I'm aiming for 10k polys more or less. Might revisit skin texture, as well. I've added some turntable screenshots as well as some older ones.
Just for the sake of completion, I've added some concept I did of how I wanted her to look like.

More artwork
Emilio j dominguez calvo spyro beautyEmilio j dominguez calvo ptraitEmilio j dominguez calvo red final